Permanent Make up

Valentina Tecchio, an international professional for permanent makeup, presents her personal line of colors (pigments) Supremecolors.

It is a project born from his direct experience, after thousands of works performed on different skin types, and for different types of surgery: from lips to eyebrow, to correction to microblading, Valentina has chosen what to always have behind when making a treatment.

He wanted to create a whole range of pigments that are absolutely bioabsorbable and hypoallergenic, each product has been created the technical card, so that every operator can know in detail the composition of the pigment and predict its performance by mixing it with others.

The advice: you will see several times the division between pigments for permanent makeup and microblading, Valentina, who performs both treatments, wanted to do this division to show you where each product has the highest yield.

Surely every operator should try them!

A line of colors designed for permanent makeup and microblading

Here is an example of using Supreme Colors

The intense concentration, an adequate processing, the purity of the components guarantee the high stability of the application over time.

The raw materials used in the production of pigments comply with the pharmaceutical cosmetic grade, the maximum available on the market.

Products in a sterile and aseptic environment, with certified raw materials.

The finished product is treated with a 25 KGy gumming process.


Our pigment contains no alcohol, an irritant.

Alcohol is for topical use, under the skin can create blisters making the color unstable, altering the tonality.

The pigment contains water in class 1, free of pyrogens, molds, yeasts and viruses, created with a specific plant for medical use.

The pigment contains Hamamelis virginiana, witch hazel hydroxide, has astringent, decongestant, antibacterial, antifungal, vasoconstrictor, haemostatic, cicatrizing, purifying and soothing properties.

Contains acrylate copolymer, consisting of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid or one of their simple esters, giving a film-forming property to the pigment, making the emulsion stable over time.

It gives a particular shine and a perfect viscosity.

Contains glycerine grade FU, is a 100% vegetable product, conveying our pigment with emollient and moisturizing action.

Contains Propylene Glycol, a thickener and humectant, usually inserted in aqueous systems or in emulsions to retain water, avoiding evaporation and therefore drying the product.

The finished product contains one or more powders for the creation of the final pigment.

These powders have the cosmetic certification, are ground to 4 microns, are dispersed in cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade solutions.

The formulation of the finished product avoids changes in time allowing a natural decay of the shade.

The pigment is Vegan.

Not tested on animals.

Gluten free.

Best sellers

Moro Scuro per Microblading


Pigmento Moro Scuro marchiato Supreme Colors, creato appositamente per eseguire trattamenti di Microblading.
La confezione contiene 15 ml di prodotto.

Biondo per Microblading


Pigmento Biondo marchiato Supreme Colors, creato appositamente per eseguire trattamenti di Microblading.
La confezione contiene 15 ml di prodotto.


They were born from the direct experience of Valentina Tecchio

Bright colours

Brilliant and lasting colors over time

Wide range of colors

A wide range of colors to cover every color and result we want to achieve


Designed to be used with machine<


Designed to be used with microblading

Why choose Supreme Colors?

We give you 5 main reasons

It took years of work, study and testing to fully understand what colors (pigments) we need Dermopigmentisti in order to work in peace on every type of skin and obtainable result.